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Free Standing Hand Operated Deluge Shower & Platform Operated Eye Wash
Model Number    |   EP1020-CWS
Country of Origin
ANSI Z 358.1
AS 4775
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Product Information

Enware’s emergency safety showers assist in the rapid flushing of contaminants from the body with a deluge of flushing fluid and eye wash units help to flush contaminants and irritants from eyes and facial area. Designed and manufactured in Australia. Stainless steel construction provides superior durability and reliability.

Independently tested for compliance to ANSI Z358.1 and AS4775
Freestanding for stand-alone operation
Stainless steel pipe work & stay-open ball valve
Stainless steel 200mm (8”) shower head assembly
Stainless steel impeller with drenching spray pattern
Stainless steel pull rod activated shower
Balanced simultaneous operation
Self-draining design reduces Legionella risk, particularly in tepid water applications
Eye wash features “Vertech™ Technology” where dedicated eye wash streams deliver optimum coverage
Zero velocity apex point provides more comfort and control for effective cleansing of eyes
High visibility yellow powder coated push handle and foot pedal

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