Emergency Tank Shower 1400L
Model Number    |   ET1400-CWS
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Enware’s Emergency Tank Shower is compact and convenient for quick mobilisation of your workforce to remote site locations.
The simple, compact design provides the convenience to easily install and deploy when needed, without the need for expensive infrastructure.
Ideal for exploratory projects, shut down work, fracking or remote sites and harsh environments, anywhere.

Compact design, Easily deployed and relocatable, Robust and reliable
Integrated chiller and heater (optional), Integrated pallet with forklift lift points for easy relocating and assembly, Relocatable all terrain foot base - no need for traditional cement base, saving time and cost
1400L thermally insulated tank with high UV resistance, Highly visible water level indicator, Integrated overflow
Easily visible water temperature gauge, Built-in Emergency Signage, Soft flow, low velocity shower rose provides maximum flushing performance
Integral flow control delivers a consistent flow throughout a whole 15-minute flush duration, Enware VERTECH™ Technology Eyewash

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